Cat Selection: No, my cat is fit!

Uncle Cat confession: More and more people begin to like cats and raise cats. Whether you are a senior cat slave or a cat in the white world, you should keep up with the times and learn and advocate scientific cat keeping . Uncle Cat will share the knowledge of keeping cats, and some interesting stories about cats, and answer the questions you encounter when raising cats. Pay attention to the public number of cat love life and make your cat love life more exciting!


Shovel Officer teases two cats at the same time


It’s too much a cat, pull me out!

Sure enough, it was a cow cat. . .


This cat is so powerful

Actually kicked the pig away

Doesn’t it look like you were against the other half?


Every time the cat climbs up or down

The master must use this method to get it down

So humble

If you have experience, use mats


Shit officer is afraid that the cat will unlock and run out

So deliberately changed to a horn lock

The result is still useless

Cat: It seems that this time I have to open the door with two hands


The shit officer wanted to shoot the cat and drink the water in the fish tank


What a suffocating operation

Ooo, my fish tank~

There is still a lot of glass slag to clean up. . .


Cat standing on the windowsill

It fell off as soon as I pulled the curtain

Try again?

Yeah, it’s still falling!

It feels like cats have discovered the “New World”…

So now the question is coming: Your mom hasn’t beat you in a few days?


When the cat mother is breastfeeding

Two kittens fought so fiercely

And the orange cat on the side lit up

Orange Cat: You play slowly, I will grow up first

Wretched development, don’t wave


Cat mom brings baby while watching TV

A good life in a small life

Shit Officer wants to take a chance to touch the cat mom

Cat mom turned her head and it was a bite

It seems that this easy day can’t be disturbed


Behind every energetic kitten

All have a steady cat mom

Cat Mom: When will you be as stable as me?


Netizens are playing games

Suddenly found the cat in front of him was motionless

A bit strange

Take a closer look

Cat has only three hands left…

This can scare netizens!

He quickly checked and found that the cat hid his hand.

Cat: Your game is too bad, it seems that there is one less hand.


These two cats are licking their hair intently

The last second was very loving

In the next second. . .

Why do you have other meow smells?

What’s going on

Meow: Dare to betray me? Give you a stinky fart


Netizens come home from get off work

The moment I opened the door was ignorant!

The big cats and cats at home are all huddled together

Stacked into a mountain…

8 heads, 16 eyes

Are all happily (staring) at her

Netizen: Is this… is this playing Huluwa?